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Kid Wear

    A struggle for all moms, getting a child ready for [pre-]school. Little Billy looks out the window and gets a face full of sunshine. On go the flip-flops; where's my favorite tank top? Only problem is: it's twenty-five degrees outside! Help your kid wear appropriate clothing, clothes that will keep him warm in winter. The Kidknows TM Outdoor Thermometer will make the morning routine a snap!
    Daniela had a problem. Her five year old son would not listen to her advice regarding weather-appropriate attire. She'd pack a bag full of clothes and bring it to school so that the teacher would be able to dress her son for outdoor recess, keeping her fingers crossed in hopes that the kid wear something warmer than a T-shirt in the
freezing cold. After noticing that other mothers were doing the same thing she searched for a thermometer that would help children with the clothing problem.
    Unable to find what she needed she designed the Kidknows TM Outdoor Thermometer for kids, now available on-line and at select Learning Express stores nationwide. It'll help your kid wear the right stuff! Please click on the thermometer to visit our home page.